Second Grade

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Language Arts/Reading/Social Studies

First Semester

Second Semester

  • Technology and Invention/Poems with Perspective (12 days)

  • Tales That Teach Us/Stating Our Opinions (15 days)

  • Pioneers in Flight/Stating Our Opinions (13 days)

  • Wind Water Shape the Land/Sharing Our Expertise (15 days)

  • Making, Buying and Selling/Sharing Our Expertise (14 days)

  • Changing Matters/Sharing Our Expertise (19 days)

Dual Language Social Studies/ Science/ SLAR/ ELAR

First Semester

Second Semester

  • La tecnología y los inventos (12 días)
  • El viento y el agua modifican la Tierra (15 días)
  • Los cuentos nos educan (13 días)
  • Pioneros de la aviación (15 días)
  • Fabricar, comprar y vender (14 días)
  • La materia en transformación (19 días)

The Language and Content Allocation Plan (LCAP) represents the language in which each academic subject is taught by grade level as well as the percentage of the instructional day spent in each language in a dual language classroom.

Digital Library Toolkit Texts: Short Nonfiction for Guided and Independent Practice in English and Spanish (Correlated to the Comprehension Toolkit


Exploring Social Studies: Texas Edition in Spanish (Use the USB drive in the kit to view the interactive e-books)        Book Titles / SS TEKS Correlation


List of Spanish Resources available at Dual Language campuses



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Second Grade Yearly Calendar