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  • Math (TAG): Convert Measurements – Metric and Customary Systems

Math (TAG): Convert Measurements – Metric and Customary Systems

Suggested Time Frame: 5 Instructional Days


Focus TEKS

Measurement Conversions (Solve Problems)

  • 5.7 solve problems by calculating conversions within a measurement system, customary or metric. – S RC3
  • 6.4H convert units within a measurement system, including the use of proportions and unit rates (R)
    • 7.4E convert between measurement systems, including the use of proportions and the use of unit rates (S)
    • 6.5A represent mathematical and real-world problems involving ratios and rates using scale factors, tables, graphs, and proportions (S)
Computational Fluency TEKS
  • 6.3E multiply and divide positive rational numbers fluently (R)
Spiral Review TEKS

Additive and Multiplicative Patterns (Words, Tables, Graphs, and Equations)

  • 5.4C generate a numerical pattern when given a rule in the form y = ax or y = x + a and graph; – R RC2
    • 5.4D recognize the difference between additive and multiplicative numerical patterns given in a table or graph; – S RC2

Coordinate Plane (Graphing Relationship Between Converted Units)

  • 5.8A describe the key attributes of the coordinate plane, including perpendicular number lines (axes) where the intersection (origin) of the two lines coincides with zero on each number line and the given point (0, 0); the x-coordinate, the first number in an ordered pair, indicates movement parallel to the x-axis starting at the origin; and the y-coordinate, the second number, indicates movement parallel to the y-axis starting at the origin; – S RC3

Place Value (Associate Understandings with Metric System

  • 4.2A interpret the value of each place-value position as 10 times the position to the right and as one-tenth of the value of the place to its left; – S RC1