Fifth Grade

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Dual Language: SS/ SLAR/ ELAR

First Semester

  • Launch (21 días)
  • Compañeros en la supervivencia (15 días)
  • Los personajes establecen relaciones (13 días)
  • Nuestra Constitución cambia con los tiempos (15 días)
  • Diferentes voces, diversas perspectivas (19 días)

Second Semester

  • La innovación en un mundo cambiante (12 días)
  • La lucha por la supervivencia (15 días)
  • La Revolución estadounidense (13 días)
  • El agua (15 días)
  • Economías en transición (19 días)
  • Exploremos la materia (14 días)

The Language and Content Allocation Plan (LCAP) represents the language in which each academic subject is taught by grade level as well as the percentage of the instructional day spent in each language in a dual language classroom.                    

Digital Library Toolkit Texts: Short Nonfiction for Guided and Independent Practice in English and Spanish(Correlated to the Comprehension Toolkit)   Exploring Social Studies: Texas Edition in Spanish (Use the USB drive in the kit to view the interactive e-books)    Senderos Textbook Online List of Spanish Resources available at Dual Language campuses


First Semester

  • Prime and Composite Numbers and Order of Operations (13 days)
  • Decimal Place Value and Decimal Addition and Subtraction (18 days)
  • Volume and Whole Number Multiplication and Division (15 days)
  • Decimal Multiplication and Division (14 days)
  • Fraction Addition and Subtraction (18 days)

Second Semester

  • Fraction Multiplication and Division (16 days)
  • Geometry, Scatterplots, and Patterns (25 days)
  • Measurement Conversions and Financial Literacy (14 days)
  • More Personal Financial Literacy (12 days)
  • Review Unit:
    • Reviewing Readiness Standards (11 days)
    • Going Deeper with Readiness Standards (11 days)

TAG First Semester

  • Equivalent Representations and Uses of Numbers (15 days)
  • Identify, Locate and Order Rational Numbers (10 days)
  • Operations and Applications of Integers and Positive Rational Numbers (25 days)
  • Understand and Apply Ratios, Rates, and Percents (11 days)
  • Generate Equivalent Mathematical Expressions (10 days)
  • Personal Financial Literacy (13 days, continues into second semester)

TAG Second Semester

  • Convert Measurements – Metric and Customary Systems (5 days)
  • Apply Understanding of Sides and Angles of Polygons (6 days)
  • Model, Connect, and Solve for Perimeter, Area, and Volume (5 days)
  • Data Representations and Analysis (14 days)
  • Represent Multiplicative and Additive Relationships (10 days)
  • Represent, Solve, and Graph One-Step Equations and Inequalities (15 days)
  • Developing Circle Relationships and  Solving Problems (10 days)


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